Highly sort after real bamboo cutlery. Perfect for creating a gorgeous table setting. Easily mixed and matched with an array...
Chippendale Dining Chair
A stunning classic design, this beautiful white Chippendale dining chair is perfect to add to your dining table. It features mahogany...
$499.00 $320.00
This beautiful ceramic stool will be perfect for your home as it has magnificent blue and white patterns all over!...
Blue and White Ming Jar
Sold Out
Get this absolutely stunning Blue and White Ming ginger jar! So beautiful when filled with fresh and vibrant flowers. Measures:...
This lamp exudes simplicity and elegance with its glistening finish and a tapered white lamp shade.  Measures: Total height of 63cm high. Base is...
This beautiful cabbage charger plate is perfect to serve shared food at your next dinner party! Measures: 30.5cm in diameter...
Silver Plated Bamboo Frame
The picture frame you need for your favorite pictures! Measures: Small: 4 x 6 inches Large: 5 x 7 inches...
$30.00 $25.00
An absolutely stunning blue and white ginger jar with beautiful flower patterns. This vase will be the perfect ornament when filled...
Ginger Blue and White Bloom
An elegant jar that is not only perfect for storing things but will serve as a beautiful decor for your...
$45.00 $33.00
Planter Blue and White Blossom 2 Sizes
This piece would be perfect for your plants! Measures: 25cm Limited quantities available at sale price!
$45.00 $32.00
Blue and White Ming Jug
This gorgeous jug has a lovely pattern all over. It is perfect for flowers or to use for your next...
$45.00 $33.00
This blue and white lamp is perfect for a bedside or in your living room. The patterns on this lamp makes...
Invite your friends over this weekend for drinks and get this stylish bottle opener! Measures: 4cm x 0.7cm x 14.5cm...
Invite your friends over this weekend for drinks and get this stylish bottle opener! Measures: 8.5cm x 1cm x 12.5cm...
A beautiful piece that would make as an elegant decor for your home! Measures: 23cm  
Trinket Box Blue and White Round #1
Sold Out
This lovely round piece would make a perfect storage for your trinkets! Measures: 10cm Please Note: This item will be...
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