Meet the lovely ladies behind Verandah House!

Meet the lovely ladies behind Verandah House!

First, we just have to know! When did you decide to become an interior designer? And how in the beginning did you get started with your design business? 

JUDY: My passion for decorating started when I was in my mid 20’s, at the time we had a successful building company, we used our own homes as a portfolio of our work, the interiors were often admired and featured in home magazines, clients would then ask if I could do their interiors and hence I fell into a career of design.

JESS: Growing up with a creative mum and dad who owned a building company at the time was when I knew I wanted to be in design. I was constantly exposed to beautiful homes and interiors and loved seeing the whole creative process come together. When I decided I wanted to be an interior designer, I studied full time for a year and then Jude and I set up the company from home at first and it just grew from there.

It's a unique concept launching into business with your mother. When it all began, did you find you both took on specific roles in the design process?

Judy/Jess: We work on all projects together from meeting with the client right through to installation of our projects. We are both involved in the entire process, however I work with the project management team to support the execution of all our projects and Judy tends to manage the creative side of the business.

Design is a job that involves quiet a lot of creative problem solving. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of the job? 

Judy/Jess: The most challenging part of our job is dealing with the project management side, we work tirelessly perfecting our systems but in our industry, there are so many variables, such as delays in fabric, furniture shipping delays, freighting damages, faulty products and human error, can create havoc to meeting deadlines on installation day. We often say problem solving is a big part of the business of design.

As a designer, you have insider knowledge and are familiar with the inner workings of the design community. Is there a particular design style you favour? Over time have you developed your own design aesthetic? 

Judy/Jess: Our style would be best described as classic, timeless design with a modern sensibility, we want our interiors to look great in years to come, we avoid trends where possible and focus more on bespoke finishes, customizing our interiors so they are unique and stand the test of time. Whether it’s a country ranch, a modern city apartment, a beach house or a classic style interior, we tend to still have a distinct style that represents our brand and design aesthetic.

With the depth of the design world and various different creators, who makes your designer wall of fame? 

Judy/Jess: Oh that’s tough because we admire so many designers but what comes to mind:

- Bunny Williams
- William Yeoward
- John De Bastiani
- Charlotte Moss
- Phoebe Howard
- Suzanne Kasler
- Barbarra Barry
- Paul Moschino

With design, it is an art form. You need a healthy combination of passion and inspiration to be the driving force behind ingenuity. What would you say inspires you?

Judy/Jess: Blue is in our Dutch heritage so it will always be a colour that inspires our work but lately we are also drawn back to neutrals especially in homes with strong architectural details, timbers back in joinery, stone, warmer whites and aged metals, antiques mixed with modern elements, layered interiors, throws draped behind sofas, a collected lived in look.

The design world has a massive list of opportunities and design ideas. From a professional point of view, what do you believe is the essential piece of furniture we should all have in our bedrooms?

Judy/Jess: A bedroom chair or writing desk is always the perfect compliment to the bedroom as it makes the space feel like a room that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. 

 A living room can be the focal point of any home and plays a pivotal role in design, yet sometimes is overlooked. What is the key element on transforming any old living room into a chic, inviting space for any home? 

Judy/Jess: A rug, whether a textured sisal or a one-off silk Persian rug really completes a space. Now we are going to move slightly off topic here mix up the questions, make it a little bit more personal and try to get to know the lovely lady's behind Verandah House.  

Outside of Veranda House, and besides work, do you have any other passions? 

Judy: My home, I can happily spend hours just tinkering away, styling and just enjoying being at home. I hope over the next few years to slow down to focus on my passion for gardening and photography, even maybe write a book.

Jess: What she said!! I guess what mum has passed down to me is to love & treasure my home, it’s my absolute sanctuary, every week I go to the Farmer’s Markets to pick up a fresh bunch of flowers and I’m constantly buying new décor books to stack on my coffee table. Home is where the heart is and there’s nothing I love more than a lazy Sunday at home with my family.

If you were moving overseas and you only get to choose one of your most treasured belongings what would that be? 

JUDY: My most treasure belongings are my vintage set of indigo books given to me by my son Nick, I will treasure them always. My antique French perfume bottles and heart shape rocks that my family have helped me collect over years from beach holidays.

JESS: My Christmas decorations as they have been handed down and collected over time, I am incredibly sentimental so my books and gifts given by my mum are often my most treasured possessions.

Veranda house is a very open family business, but what is the one thing that people may not know about their favourite creators at Veranda House?

Judy: That when I get knocked down, I dust myself off and get on with it!
Jess: That I’m quite a spiritual person

With Veranda house coming leaps and bounds recently, collaborating with Grovely style Co, and so many other exciting projects on the horizon, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Judy: Living at my farm in Byron Bay, tackling my bucket list, creating memories with my family, enjoying the simpler things in life and maybe writing my second book.

Jess: Living by the water, importing fine furniture from France, travelling for work and I’d love to have a lifestyle television show one day, just saying!

If you had to give up everything tomorrow, what is the one thing that you just could not live without?

Judy: My books

Jess: My precious little pooch Milko

It has been an amazing experience sitting down and talking with the wonderful lady's behind Veranda House. A rare peak behind the curtain and a glimpse into the minds of the creators behind our favourite products and designs.  


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