Meet Danni the Stylish Lady Behind Design by Danni

Meet Danni the Stylish Lady Behind Design by Danni

At Grovely Style Co we were so excited to sit down with the lavish designer and mastermind behind Design by Danni. We were fortunate enough to be featured on her Instagram page and now have an exclusive peek behind the curtain of what inspired Danielle Morrison to start Design by Danni? 

D: In a nut shell – my close friends and family. From one end of the scale to the other, I renovated a cosy beach shack investment property at Warana, then took on a sprawling heritage style home at Tanawha, and transformed it into
my Hamptons style dream home. My family thought it’d be a great idea to take my vision, my sense of design and style, my quirky personality, and turn it into a blog.


When people are decorating either their homes, offices or gardens, there are so many rules. So many do's and don'ts of the design world. With so many fantastic decorating options available, what is your absolute number one tip, that no matter what, you simply must follow when decorating? 

D: This is a really difficult question for me because I break my own design ‘rules’ regularly. However, my most important suggestion would be to stay true to your sense of style. Let it shine through out your entire home, and surround yourself with meaningful things you love.

For you personally, as a designer, where do you draw inspiration for all your amazing projects and works? 

D: CHRISTMAS! I know that sounds really tacky, but I absolutely love Christmas. Being a lover of Hamptons and classic coastal style - the large, over the top American style Christmas inspires me every year to create big and beautiful Christmas displays throughout my home. Other than the festive season, I’m drawing inspiration from patterned and botanical watercolour artwork, houses in the Bahamas, recycled timber, and iconic beaches on the Sunshine Coast.

With the season's changing, what is Design by Danni's absolute must have homewares item, something that must be featured in every household? 

D: Blue and white pots filled with gorgeous flowering plants. Spring is the perfect time to get your green thumb on and revive any sad looking indoor plants and renovate gardens. Styling pots into garden beds or individual displays creates interest and gives gardens aesthetically pleasing focal points. 

With so many wonderful and amazing products available by Grovely Style Co it poses a difficult task just selecting one of the many fabulous product to add into your home, but if you had to, what Grovely Style Co product is your absolute favourite and how would you style it? 

D: Hands down, your blue and white Chinoiserie ceramic stool. It’s beautiful and you can style it into any display to add depth with height and pattern. It’s beautiful!


With such a busy schedule juggling so many tasks, whether it be writing your blog or being on the job, how do you find the time to manage your work life balance?  

D: What’s life? Lol! Just kidding. My Fiancé and I both run and own businesses so the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ is always quite relevant to us. We regularly take small snippets of time away to take a break from the grind. If that means
working over the weekend to spend the following weekend in Melbourne then so be it. We also both go to the gym and work on our health to help us handle our work load.

Now Danni, you have done so well for yourself and really made a name in the design world! I think that everybody would like to know what is your secret? What is the key to success of the Design by Danni brand? 

D: I love my job and I’d do it all for free every day. I guess it’s not really a job when it’s my passion. In conjunction with this - the love and respect for the power of social media, consistent and well thought out marketing and self-motivation are all prerequisites for my business and branding.

As you said before you have an absolutely jammed packed schedule and I think the one question that is going to be on everyone's mind is, what do you have in the pipeline and can we all look forward to seeing some more fantastic renovations in the near future?  

D: I’ve just finished an investment flip at Tewantin, whilst renovating an award-winning hair studio and a new Café. Thankfully, these projects are all commencing their final stages now that we’re coming up to Christmas. Early next year I’ll be taking on a residential exterior facelift for a client, numerous small commercial projects and no doubt we’ll purchase another flip.

With so many television shows like the block everyone has embraced their inner renovator or, is at least looking to make some additions to their home. They make it all look so easy and straight forward, yet there is so much on your plate when rennovating. What would be your number one tip to those people wanting to renovate? 

D: Research and line up your army of trades before you start your renovation. Prepare a renovation timeline and communicate this with your trades so they’re somewhat aware of when they’re required. Time is money! Ask them for
approximate quotes for materials and labour and collate the information into your costing spreadsheet.  

With renovations, they are a lot of hard work. At the end of the day when all the work is done, what is the thing that brings you the most satisfaction? What element of your renno's so far is the most rewarding upon completion? 

D: Except for the boozy lunch we shared after completion, it would have to be looking through the ‘before’ images. It’s so satisfying looking back, reflecting and visually understanding what you’ve achieved.

In every home, there is a room or section of the house that keeps pulling you back in. A room that you can say, that is my absolute favourite room in the entire house. As a designer and a renovator, you have seen so many different rooms and houses. It would be interesting to know, what is Design by Danni's favourite room? 

D: It depends on which house. At Tanawha, it would have to be our traditional Hamptons style kitchen. It’s perfect for entertaining and has catered for numerous memorable occasions with friends and family. At our Tewantin project it would be the outdoor entertaining, backyard and pool area. Again, we created a practical and functional space with different areas of interest that is perfect for our Australian summers.  

It has been amazing sitting down with you. Thank you very much for answering all of my questions! It is amazing to peek behind the curtain and see what makes you such an incredible designer. So my final question is what is next for Danni herself? 

D: Well I’m hoping to get married at some point but the way Matt and I are going, we might have to book ahead for the year 2042! We’re both really focused on our businesses and
therefore our dreams. I’m working towards more beautiful clients, another renovation project and further engaging press and media.

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