How To Style Your Poolside

How To Style Your Poolside

Summer is here and in our home of Queensland the heat is on! It's time to stretch out the deck chairs, dip your toes, and relax by the pool. Here are our tips on creating the perfect poolside area, your own personal slice of summer heaven!



The perfect poolside is a space to swim, read, eat, and most importantly relax. Blue and whites are perfect for creating an elegant calm space all year around. Adorning your deck chairs with beautifully patterned pillows is a great way to add pops of fun colour, while also bringing a touch of comfort to the seating around your pool. 



Ceramic drum stools not only look beautiful around the pool but also double up as seats and tables that can easily shift around the space when entertaining. 




Bring some colour to your poolside by decorating with ginger jars and vases for flowers and greenery. If you want to create a coastal feel, giant clam and nautilus shells create great bowls for fruit or simply just as decorative pieces. 




How do you style your poolside? What's your inspiration for creating the perfect pool summer retreat? Let us know in the comments section.

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